Top 3 Reasons Your Kids Want You to Green Your Cleaning

Your kids may not pay much attention to what cleaning products you use. And, you probably have days where you feel like they do everything in their power to make messes just for you to clean. In spite of that, I believe that your kids DO want you to green your cleaning. How can they want something that they do not know about, you ask? It's all about how it affects their quality of life and their future. So here's my top 3 reasons your kiddos want you to go green with your cleaning.

Reason #1: Health first!

Most cleaning products are loaded with toxic synthetic chemicals that reek havoc in the body. These chemicals can cause respiratory issues, hormonal imbalances, organ damage, allergic reactions, and worse. They have names like parabens, triclosan, phthalates, fragrances, etc.  Even if you don't have symptoms now, the long-term effects of exposure will surface eventually. It's like a dripping faucet in a glass. Today there is not much water in the glass. But we all know that given time the glass will eventually fill up to overflowing. So ask yourself, would I have wanted my parents to use toxic chemicals that they knew could make me sick one day? Of course you wouldn't! And your kids feel the same way. You are becoming an educated consumer so that you can avoid the toxins. Also, be aware that some manufacturers claim to be using natural or green ingredients when in fact they are continuing to add synthetic chemicals to the same bottle. You want to go with a full disclosure company that you can trust. 

Reason #2: Safety today!

Those toxic cleaners might look like something good to eat to a toddler. You do your best to keep them locked up. Next thing you know you are calling Poison Control in a panic! Followed by instructions for ipecac or a visit to the ER for pumping. Yikes! Your kids do not want to go through all that drama and trauma. This is not a worry when you switch to safe, green cleaners. Our favorite cleaner is Thieves Household Cleaner (THC) and it is so gentle that it can be ingested with no harm. Not recommended, but no need to call Poison Control if it should happen. It has plant-based ingredients that are gentle yet effective for all your cleaning needs. No undisclosed chemicals in this bottle. So you can spray the messy tray of your toddler's high chair for a quick clean-up while he is still sitting in it with no worries. In fact, it sounds like a great excuse for you to start teaching HIM how to clean as early as possible! 

Reason #3: Saving bucks! 

Another reason we love THC. Every surface in every room with just one easy to use cleaner. It's a concentrate so you just add 1 teaspoon to a 16 oz. spray bottle of water to use for light degreasing for a cost of $.14 cents. Add an extra teaspoon for heavier degreasing needs. BOOM! One bottle just saved you $100 on a year's supply of Windex, Mrs. Meyers, and Swiffermop cleaners that you eliminated from the budget because you replaced them with THC. We could also estimate that you will save $100s in reduced visits to the ER, doctor's office, and drug store, too. Extra money in the budget means more family fun like Disneyworld or Dollywood! Or you can save it for a college education and go to the beach instead. Either way, your kids will be glad you saved all that extra money for them and maybe helped them avoid student loans. Just sayin'!

There are probably more reasons, but these 3 will earn you major brownie points, mom! Green your cleaning today. Learn more about Thieves here!

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